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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life, continued

As I was saying before being interrupted, I like my life here and how its going. Sometimes I wonder where I would be had I chosen to go back to the states oh so many years ago, but at the time I didn't have much choice, plus, my head wasn't in a place I could do such a thing. Now, I am glad I did not go. I am thankful for my life, my wife, our life together, my belief in God and all his blessings, the peace my faith has brought to my life, no longer a slave to drugs or alcohol, though I do have a "gym problem" according to my wife. It took me quite some time to get to this point, and I am happy and at peace with the world. I wish all of you reading these words a blessed holiday season and, whatever your own beliefs are, your lives are enriched and the new years brings you happiness. PEACE!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Travel, the joys of, that is.......

I cannot say I am really all that fond of traveling, the actual movement by car, plane, bus or train that is. I realize that I must do it to see the folks back home, but I certainly do not enjoy it, which is why we dont see them very often. I have been up for 3 hours now, still have another hour before I get on the train in Vilseck to start my journey, change trains in Nuernberg then to Frankfurt airport where I will (hopefully) meet my wife and get on the plane. I hate the trains here, its like they are never on time, it seems unless its YOU thats late, then they are gone the split second it hits the scheduled time. I have had some issues with the bahn here, I recall once I got on one of the ICE (fast-inter-city) trains, was early and thought, hey this is great, when suddenly the damn trains stops and starts backing up...verrrrryyy slooowwwwyy. I mean, we are talking 10 mph, tops..in the middle on nowhere, corn fields on both sides. Turns out the idiot driving the train missed a stop, got on the wrong track and had to go back to a point where he could get us on the right one...of course I missed my connecting train and had to get a taxi the last leg of my trip. Just one story, there are many. I try not to take the train normally. Anyway, I am getting outa here, invading america today to see what all the fuss is about, to return in 2 weeks. Have fun all!!!