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Monday, January 26, 2009

monday monday

Cant trust that day....great song, but I dont think the monday they are singing about are the same as mine, I can trust mine to suck and be boring. Today is not any different, I am full of energy and hope, but the folks and situation around me are not being cooperative. So, another week of dread, doom, boredom. oopps I was wrong, now they want me to do something....oh well, my head isnt into this shit, I have class starting this week...back to school, like Rodney Dangerfield, that was my favorites of his. I am showing my age again....well, this going back to school thing might make feel young again, or at least keep me busy, just as long as it doesnt cut into my gym time too much...I would hate to have to do the Denise Austin morning work out to keep me flexible. If I could buy one of those cross-trainers, that would be cool. But the cost is the major issue on that item, plus I do get pleasure out of a workout with people around, plus a sauna afterwards. All thats not going to happen at our house anytime soon. We'll see later. Hope you alls Monday is going well.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to school

Time for me to try and go back to school. On line courses thru University of Phoenix. I was joking with someone that the last time I took a college course Carter was in office....I was wrong, actually it was Reagan, but close enough. I have always been smart enough for school, and am a fast learner, just not really all that interested. Lazy. This ia going to cut into my gym time, I just know it. But, I think its high time I tried something different. We shall see how these classes work out. Which reminds me I gotta write to my connection....gotta run.

Friday, January 9, 2009

thoughts on Elvis

Today is Elvis' birthday. Not that I knew this before, they just mentioned it on cnn. When I was a kid growing up I never thought much of him or his songs. Most guys didnt. We were too into the hard rock culture: Led Zeppelin, Lynard Skynard, the Stones, getting stoned, and so on. I mean, the guy did Vegas, which was like a sellout, going into retirement, if you will. But as I have grown older and read about life, his music, the kind of person he was I gained a greater respect for him...even his movies, none of which were all that great. But, he was an American icon, hero even...especially here in the town I live in Grafenwoehr, Germany where he spent some of his time in the army in the late 50's. They have a museum here with many pictures of him training with other troops. In many ways he symbolizes the best of America: a healing force after the war that helped rebuild germany and protect europe from the Russians and communism. Not just that, though, he represented America. And in a good way. He was the Sanatra or Crosby of his time, yet he ushered in a movement: Rock & Roll. With style. I hate what Vegas did to him, what that life did to him. Its not that big of a deal, but I just thought about that today. That and this weekend, taking care of myself, my baby and the dog. I guess thats the theme for this today: take care of yourself, no one else can but YOU, really.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have always loved Tuesdays, I dont know why, really....maybe just the name I like. TWOS-day. A new year and the promise to be a better person, I look forward to whats comming and have hope. I think I was in a rut, hating life, hating my job, hating some of the same down-in-the-mouth people I have to deal with on a daily basis. But today I can ignore them, just stay away from the depressing folks and be by "up" people. And there are people I can help, so I will, giving of ones self is good for the soul. And a daily work-out at the gym helps, too. Got one of those planned for later on today. I advise you to go out and work up a sweat, or do something outdoors today, it will make you fell 1000 per cent better, get the blood pumping to the brain, all that. I have some rocking up music on my ipod, too, that helps a lot. Ya know who I like? Denise Austin...she is on here at like, 5:30 a.m., pumping and shouting words of encouragement. I like here, I used to know someone like her, worked out doing palaties with her and others in our little community, it brings people together in a good way. It says,"hey, I may not be perfect, but I am working on it, and I am hanging with people like me". I loved it. I havent done that lately, just gone to the gym by myself, but see a lot of friends there and say hello. Went cross country skiing, too which was wonderful. I hope this "high" lasts for a long time, I was feeling depressed for a time there, very down in the mouth.