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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of a decade....

Well, we managed to live another 10 years. I think back about the 10 years, a decade that seemed to fly by so fast, what a different person I am today...better in some ways, older and less able to run and do things like I used to. But I feel really great about who I am, my marrige and where we are going. I worry about the state of the world, state of traveling, how can we stop the nuts without just declaring an all out war and just kill them all. Is it bad to have these thoughts? I dont think so. A religion that doesnt police itself deserves to be wiped off the earth. Period. The holocaust will be nothing compared to this. These people are a threat to life on earth. Time to declare war and mean it. Thats just my crazy side comming out. Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Its Christmas Time in the Shitty.........

One of those lines from the song we sang in church...I wonder if they noticed we were singing wrong...if they did, they didnt say so. Well, things could be better, but we count our blessings none the less. So here are what I am thankful for this Christmas season:

God. Enough said. If you know, if you dont you should try it...I wont preach, lest God srike me down for the irony of it all.

My wife. With out her in my life I might be dead by now, either physically or emotionaly, spiritually, mentally. A zombie waiting to be shot and put out of my misery. I wish I could make her half as happy as she makes me.

My friends. Not a whole lot of them, but the ones I do have are not too bad.

Dexter, our dog. Getting old, but still a good dog and a happy guy. He makes people smile, a noisey, wired-haired dachshund, we dress him up with a red collar that has jingle bells. Has a funny bouce to his step.

My job, though it could be much much better. I pray for the evil bosses who are obviously very unhappy and sexually frustrated. May the new year do you better.

My blogger friends. I dont write as much as I used to or should, but I do read your stuff and take wisdom from your writings. Peace and joy to you all.

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Its off to Poland once again this weekend, to deliver some good just in time for the Christmas holidays, this time we are dropping off bags of goodies that are going to be taken to hospitals for folks who are stuck in there sick over the Christmas season, folks who either have no family, or are just lonely. Plus, clothes and things from folks in Pa. and here...should be a good, but short trip. I will be picking up some gifts for the kids here, at work too, so I will be bringing stuff back as well. I hope for good weather with few or no staus. Everyone have a good weekend.