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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Poor Sarah Palin

I was a fan, sort of, which means to say I liked the fact she didnt look half bad. O.K., she does kinda have a dumb look on her face, but I just figured it was because of the Alaska living. But now she has gone and whored herself to these "tea party" nuts, figurin they have some money, and thats what she needs. I saw her "speach" in Nevada the other day, which was nothing more than one cliche after another, followed by some bad joke or two. She really has sunk low from the point where she might have been a viable candidate again for something to the point she is now, just a right wing tool to spread hateful b.s.. She offered no real solutions, other than "common sense" to our problems. This is what happens to people who become too famous too fast....like football players who get a bunch of money then think they can assault women in bars and whatnot. What a sad state of affairs.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am married to a wonderful woman, but she is not for the sappy, romantic stuff. She is a hard-nosed Manager of a banking center who has to deal with problems everyday, hearing excuses as to why this or that happens, and it makes her rather cynical. Just the other day we were walking outside of a government building and we were appoaching a smoker and without hesitation she shouts out "FIFTY METERS"!!! and points towards the street (the is no smoking within 50 meters of a building). The poor woman practically ran in fear. (I was so embarrassed).Thats my baby.

Anyway, I just read the best blog entry by good old Heidi from Montana, who reminds me of my wife so much sometimes...I just thought it was inspiring, I just hope others like it...chech it out: http://heidisacredandprofane.blogspot.com/ and enjoy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tiger Woods Syndrome

I think I must be a sex addict. For that matter, I know of many others worse than me. A couple right here in my office. But do you see any of us going off to some high priced rehab place to try and "cure" us of this??? NNNOOOO. Ane why would we? Look, lets cut out the b.s. Tiger. You fooled around on your beautiful wife because you had a big head, lots of money, and they probably threw themselves at ya. Dont give us this sex addict stuff like you need a cure and you'll be just fine baloney. Men are dogs. Tiger is a man...ergo Tiger is a dog. A very big dog, as it turns out. And he is going to pay. Its the way of the world. But he has PLENTY of money, and he can still hit a golf ball pretty far, so he'll be fine. Just cut out the crap and go play golf. And dont leave phone numbers on your cell phone next time, knucklehead!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Well, it looks like the minority republicans are now going to kill any health care reform bill that could have passed. Not that those amoung us were really happy with the way the current bill was being manicured to satisfy special interest and certain "moral issues". Please, this is inteneded to provide affordable health care to ALL Americans. The Canadians do it, the Europeans do it, but we are too incompetent to do it, according to the republicans, the "conservatives". Do they have problems? Yes. Do thier people have adequate health care? Most definitely.

Come on, what we are talking about could mean that certain companies or providers' will find that thier profit margins will shrink, and it is those companies or providers who have been out there scaring people with b.s. about the idea of reforming health care. It's a load of crap, and as usual the money wins over the needs of those without money. Capitalism wins out over the moral need we should have to take care of each other. But its not even that. It really is keeping the status quo intack.

If, at the end of all this and no health care bill is passed, I sincerely hope that people are happy with what they have done. No one knows what the future will hold for any of us, but one thing is almost certain: people are born and people die; and in between the occasionally get sick, have accidents, need medicine and require some hospital care. The system we have now costs too much and could be fixed, but was not. The republicans are the do-nothing party. A fitting new slogan for the GOP would be: We do nothing, and we prevent everyone else from doing something. Conservatives- keeping everything just the way it is!!! 'Cause we're good, and we wanna keep it that way!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The End is Near

You can always tell because the crazies always great crazier and louder. 2010 pickin up just where 2009 let off.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ya gotta love stupid people!!!

There are so damn many of them...Sarah Palin (who is such a babe, but gosh, well, oh so dumb) Rush Limbaugh (headed to hell very very soon it looks like) Glen Beck (brain stuck in the 50's) Dr Laura (If you just please your man he will NEVER leave, you honey; and, I love this one:"The feminist movement is out to destroy the American family!!!") and a whole host of others. OMG, I almost forgot my favorite bubble head, the childless, manless, anorexic Anne Coulter who is just too out there to confine in anything but a straight jacket.

What really has me stumped is how many people actually believe these people know what the hell they are on about! I mean, really. Do people seriously buy their garbage or is it just for amusement? I dont get it. Are people THAT stupid? It just cannot be. Do they buy their groceries at the truck stop? Do they think Col Sanders was in the Army? Good God, folks, pick up a book...stop reading the National Enquirer and watching Fox news! And if yer gunna drink beer, by God, make it PBR. Spend the extra quarter, for gosh sakes...it will do ya good in the long run. But please, stop having so many darn kids and stop puttin beer in their bottles. Thank you have a nice day.