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Friday, July 31, 2009


I have made many, many....some I take full credit for, many I share with mom and pop. Yesterday I had a conversation with someone and I was forced to own up to some of the worst things, something I would rather not do...I dont believe in going backwards when I have made such great efforts to forge ahead. But one cannot escape one's past deeds, like a having a really bad haircut on picture taking day. Just so many things I have regrets for; I wish I could articulate my feeling better to some of the folks I know here who like to drink/do drugs....just want to share with them the destructive effects of the party. It would be something I would like to do, help people avoid the kind of things I went through, just to get that nice secure feeling. Unwinding, as I justified it in my head. I know of others who just hang on killing themselves slowly, drinking away their lives. I hope and pray it will not be my fate, I love my wife, my life and my sanity. I hope you all love yourselves and your family enough to know when to stop before its too late. PEACE

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


See me....hear me....touch me....feel me... one of the greatest songs ever written by one of my favorite rock bands of all time...The Who. Thats all I have right now...just my thinking about this group and this song in my head. Have a good day, all PEACE!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back and evil as ever.

I deleted this blog a while back, for no real good reason other than my own paranoid ways....I think. So, today is the 2nd of July, anothe beautiful hot humid day, perhaps tomorrow I will go to the swimmbad and work on my tan....nice, I dont get to the pool as much as I would like to, of course my wife does not like to go much, she thinks she is "fat". No matter what I tell her, she has her mind made up...hating that. What do you do in the case like that? I try and tell her she is not (she just needs to re-arrange what she has, at best-but I dont dare say that), but see, its not something that would stop me from doing what I like to do. I mean, we are at an age where that sort of thing doesnt matter anymore, anyway...at least not to me. I look like crap, but then again I alwasy did. Not real fat, not real thin, just medium, and once you are in the water, its like who cares? But, women are a different species. Well, I will keep trying, I hate to go alone, but I might just have to...have a good 4th ALL!!!