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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun times

are not what is happening to me today. I am hurting, physically and emotionally. Not real bad, but things have been better...maybe when the so-called people in charge get their stuff together I will be better, but you cant rush these thing, it will only make things worse. I fell in the bathroom the otherday, bruised my ribs somewhat, which only added to the misery of my cold/mild flu; when I cough or blow my nose it hurts. Plus, I cant even get in a good workout for at least another day or 2, so I recon I will just have to be the good husband and make dinner tonight, something tasty and healthy. The best thing about being sick is knowing I am getting better. I did pick up a nice bargain from the thrift shop today, a hood for work, only $3.00. New, too, probably retails for at least $40. I love a bargain. Sue wont like it, though it screams AMERICAN!!! Like I care, we live in Graf, the closest thing to little america on this side of the border. We are the majority here, besides its for work..... I look forward to a pain-free day.

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