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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A new wind is blowin

and I dont like the way it feels. Depression? Recession? Obsession? Are we that gullible that we, as a collective body of tax payers, are told we need to bail out out lousy investment system in order that life, at least economic life can go on? 700 Billion dollars?! Thank god we did not listen to Bush's plan to scrap social security and let us all dump our money into the stock market so we could manage it ourselves. When are people going to realize George Bush has no clue? Its REALLY windy outside, but dont worry, the government will come and resue you, unless you live in the U.S. and dont really matter because you are poor or black, or both! I mean, we HAVE to save the rich folks, the poor ones were already poor, so who gives a shit? Sometimes I cant think about the news, all I want to do is go workout and sweat....makes me feel good.

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