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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back and evil as ever.

I deleted this blog a while back, for no real good reason other than my own paranoid ways....I think. So, today is the 2nd of July, anothe beautiful hot humid day, perhaps tomorrow I will go to the swimmbad and work on my tan....nice, I dont get to the pool as much as I would like to, of course my wife does not like to go much, she thinks she is "fat". No matter what I tell her, she has her mind made up...hating that. What do you do in the case like that? I try and tell her she is not (she just needs to re-arrange what she has, at best-but I dont dare say that), but see, its not something that would stop me from doing what I like to do. I mean, we are at an age where that sort of thing doesnt matter anymore, anyway...at least not to me. I look like crap, but then again I alwasy did. Not real fat, not real thin, just medium, and once you are in the water, its like who cares? But, women are a different species. Well, I will keep trying, I hate to go alone, but I might just have to...have a good 4th ALL!!!

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