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Monday, November 9, 2009

Crazy people with weapons of mass destruction

No, I am not talking about the Iranians. I am referring to the latest loonie who was able to walk into a local guns-r-us and purchase a couple of lethal "cop killer" automatic weapons; in this particular case, an army major whose life didnt quite suit him, so he decided to take out some fellow soldiers. Americans still dont get it. I am not trying to draw attention away from the victims or this tragedy, but it is the same story all over again, just different circumstances, places, and victims. How many people have to die because of our obsession with guns? How many people must have their lives cut short before we realize that sensible gun control is in order? My guess is that it will never happen. You see, the founding fathers wrote the second amendment and it has to be followed, as if it were one of the commandments, written by Moses, or one of the diciples of Jesus. Never mind it was a differnt world, with far different realities. I doubt that our founding fathers had these weapons with such power be available to anyone who wished it. But, our precious rights must be protected. Thank God.

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