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Monday, November 30, 2009


Why do people hate? Why do people who call themselves believers of God, Jesus, Allah, a cow, my pen, whatever hate someone or others that do not believe the exact same thing as you do? And be so damn self rightious about it, too? Like because they manage to get up on Sunday mornings and haul their sorry asses (and their ugly husbands and kids asses as well) to a church they think they are right and good, and everyone else is wrong and bad? How sick is that? I would say I hate them, but I dont. I hate what they do. Like my ex-wife. I loved her, still do. But she played the dog, and instead of taking care of her own family, her son, she ran off to fine true "love"(she failed, by the way). I wouldnt have her back if she begged me on her knees. But I dont hate her, I feel sorry for her...I guess thats how I feel for these poor haters. Very sorry for them.


Nancy said...

I think religion boosts much hypocrisy. Organized religion isn't for god it's for the people who dictate what they can get out of it - which is something for themselves so they can control - have power over others. People hate and kill in the name of religion and what god would have that as his creed to follow? None. Religion was invented by man and we both know once man gets his hands on anything, it's going to change to benefit HIM.

I think if people want to truly talk to their god and do good, then they should look no further than their hearts. The fellowship we see in religion is more times than not, a self serving purpose. It's amazing how people can open the door to gods house or kneel on prayer rugs with hate.

webberpa said...

I know what you mean, sometimes even in our church here there is way too much garbage about who is this, who is that, how we should act, bla bla bla.
Sometimes I wonder.