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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am married to a wonderful woman, but she is not for the sappy, romantic stuff. She is a hard-nosed Manager of a banking center who has to deal with problems everyday, hearing excuses as to why this or that happens, and it makes her rather cynical. Just the other day we were walking outside of a government building and we were appoaching a smoker and without hesitation she shouts out "FIFTY METERS"!!! and points towards the street (the is no smoking within 50 meters of a building). The poor woman practically ran in fear. (I was so embarrassed).Thats my baby.

Anyway, I just read the best blog entry by good old Heidi from Montana, who reminds me of my wife so much sometimes...I just thought it was inspiring, I just hope others like it...chech it out: http://heidisacredandprofane.blogspot.com/ and enjoy.

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