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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tiger Woods Syndrome

I think I must be a sex addict. For that matter, I know of many others worse than me. A couple right here in my office. But do you see any of us going off to some high priced rehab place to try and "cure" us of this??? NNNOOOO. Ane why would we? Look, lets cut out the b.s. Tiger. You fooled around on your beautiful wife because you had a big head, lots of money, and they probably threw themselves at ya. Dont give us this sex addict stuff like you need a cure and you'll be just fine baloney. Men are dogs. Tiger is a man...ergo Tiger is a dog. A very big dog, as it turns out. And he is going to pay. Its the way of the world. But he has PLENTY of money, and he can still hit a golf ball pretty far, so he'll be fine. Just cut out the crap and go play golf. And dont leave phone numbers on your cell phone next time, knucklehead!!!


samcmasters said...

i saw that you read (past/present tense) my blog, i thought to stop and read yours as well. well that girlfriend that i once spoke of has gotten into some trouble. she got arrested this past friday and i'm reaching out to anyone i can to help raise money to get her out of jail. she's been there for three nights already and its just breaking my heart that i can't help her because of something as small as money. if you or anyone you know can help at all please let me know. and there's also a donation box on my blog page.

Charmaine said...

Sex addict smadick. He's only sorry he got caught.

All men are not dogs. To suggest so is like saying that men aren't human and can't resist temptation.

I'm a woman...and old woman...still I get hit on every day....you don't see ME goofing around with male bimbos. Why? Because I don't want to. That's the difference. (People do what they want to do.)