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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bailout the wallstreet bigwigs! What a great idea, George, thanks for the fantastic bang just before you leave office; and here I thought nothing else could go wrong. Yes, throwing 700 BILLION dollars we dont have to make sure our investment firms are viable, and naturally those poor CEO's and execs need to keep up their house and car payments, no matter how overpaid they are....but yeah its a wonderful idea to just throw a ton of money at em, I am absolutely, positively certain that not one dime will be wasted. Its going to be a very interesting next few months, I truly wonder if I should be concerned about my paycheck, since its basically a government job that I have. I am thinking that perhaps there might be a better way.


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

It is very frustrating to see our country in such a state! But I wanted to stop by and thank you for posting my poem, "The Journey" on one of your posts. I am so very flattered! Vielen dank.
Have a wonderful weekend! Petra

graze said...

GW can do a lot more damage before he leaves office and for him to even have an input in this financial crisis when he has demonstrated complete ineptness in the last eight years....is more than the American people should have to bear.

I am not for this bailout or "rescue plan" and am completely frustrated and appalled that there wasn't a plan "B" that had been drawn up and presented immediately after the non passage of the bailout bill.

Whatever new bill does pass, we are going to pay for it regardless; for a long time.