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Friday, January 9, 2009

thoughts on Elvis

Today is Elvis' birthday. Not that I knew this before, they just mentioned it on cnn. When I was a kid growing up I never thought much of him or his songs. Most guys didnt. We were too into the hard rock culture: Led Zeppelin, Lynard Skynard, the Stones, getting stoned, and so on. I mean, the guy did Vegas, which was like a sellout, going into retirement, if you will. But as I have grown older and read about life, his music, the kind of person he was I gained a greater respect for him...even his movies, none of which were all that great. But, he was an American icon, hero even...especially here in the town I live in Grafenwoehr, Germany where he spent some of his time in the army in the late 50's. They have a museum here with many pictures of him training with other troops. In many ways he symbolizes the best of America: a healing force after the war that helped rebuild germany and protect europe from the Russians and communism. Not just that, though, he represented America. And in a good way. He was the Sanatra or Crosby of his time, yet he ushered in a movement: Rock & Roll. With style. I hate what Vegas did to him, what that life did to him. Its not that big of a deal, but I just thought about that today. That and this weekend, taking care of myself, my baby and the dog. I guess thats the theme for this today: take care of yourself, no one else can but YOU, really.

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graze said...

Hi Webberpa,

No one then or since could swivel hips like Elvis did. I remember - I think it was on the Ed Sullivan show, they only showed Elvis from the waist up because it wasn't deemed proper to show his hips. LOL. :)

His voice was smooth and sensuous. I liked his older songs best - when he first started out in the business but my favorite song is, "The Wonder of You."

He never grasped how to handle fame - as it came fast and furious for him and as so many stars have experienced, he was used and abused by fans and friends.

Zeppelin, Skynyrd, and the bunch out of that era....rock on :)