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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have always loved Tuesdays, I dont know why, really....maybe just the name I like. TWOS-day. A new year and the promise to be a better person, I look forward to whats comming and have hope. I think I was in a rut, hating life, hating my job, hating some of the same down-in-the-mouth people I have to deal with on a daily basis. But today I can ignore them, just stay away from the depressing folks and be by "up" people. And there are people I can help, so I will, giving of ones self is good for the soul. And a daily work-out at the gym helps, too. Got one of those planned for later on today. I advise you to go out and work up a sweat, or do something outdoors today, it will make you fell 1000 per cent better, get the blood pumping to the brain, all that. I have some rocking up music on my ipod, too, that helps a lot. Ya know who I like? Denise Austin...she is on here at like, 5:30 a.m., pumping and shouting words of encouragement. I like here, I used to know someone like her, worked out doing palaties with her and others in our little community, it brings people together in a good way. It says,"hey, I may not be perfect, but I am working on it, and I am hanging with people like me". I loved it. I havent done that lately, just gone to the gym by myself, but see a lot of friends there and say hello. Went cross country skiing, too which was wonderful. I hope this "high" lasts for a long time, I was feeling depressed for a time there, very down in the mouth.


Emily said...

I don't know about the whole Tuesday thing, but this time of year is always a kick in the tail. You're right about the exercising, though. You can't help but feel great when you're exhausted, smelly, and wet. :)

Erin Downs said...

I'm glad you seem to feel pretty great. Keep it up, don't drop the good spirits.

And here's a smile for the road:


Erin Downs said...

ROFL thank you for the comment, I needed that laugh. Although the stuff about barfing was a little TMI, but I'm not one to talk considering the things I've blogged about. I really hope you guys get to feeling better, that sounds pretty miserable. Don't know how this would work for you, but when I was recovering from an appendectomy a few years back, the only thing I could stomach was applesauce.

Don't worry I don't think you're a geezer. I really prefer the company of people your age or right around there. You're not a geezer until you you hit 79 or 80.

I've been to Toledo, my dad's company paid him extra and covered his room and board for him to work up there for a little while. You're right, it's not much of a town.

Locking the witch out won't do much good, but I love the way you think.

Looking forward to your next post/comment. ;)

Erin Downs said...

Oh by the way I replied to your other comments on my songwriting blog. :)

graze said...

Hi Webberpa,

That's the right resolve. A good outlook to start the New Year and change is good....as is, remembering times in the past which made you feel good. It all comes together with you in control - that's key. You're going to have a great year.:)

"May you never forget
What is worth remembering
Or remember...
What is best forgotten."