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Monday, January 26, 2009

monday monday

Cant trust that day....great song, but I dont think the monday they are singing about are the same as mine, I can trust mine to suck and be boring. Today is not any different, I am full of energy and hope, but the folks and situation around me are not being cooperative. So, another week of dread, doom, boredom. oopps I was wrong, now they want me to do something....oh well, my head isnt into this shit, I have class starting this week...back to school, like Rodney Dangerfield, that was my favorites of his. I am showing my age again....well, this going back to school thing might make feel young again, or at least keep me busy, just as long as it doesnt cut into my gym time too much...I would hate to have to do the Denise Austin morning work out to keep me flexible. If I could buy one of those cross-trainers, that would be cool. But the cost is the major issue on that item, plus I do get pleasure out of a workout with people around, plus a sauna afterwards. All thats not going to happen at our house anytime soon. We'll see later. Hope you alls Monday is going well.

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