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Friday, September 5, 2008


The picture above was taken (by me) while we were hiking up those mountains. We had really nice hike up, 2 days, stayed in a hutte, sort of a hikers inn, very rustic and no-frills, 3 bathrooms and 2 showers for about, I would guess 50 or so hikers to share, so you got to know your hiking friends well. The hike was challenging, steep in many places, but very enjoyable and very memorable. I hope we can do it again, though it is not always a guarantee of good weather, and it can make the hike less plesant. We had a party of 7 going up, and just after we reached the summit the weather turned sour, started hailing then raining very hard, but we made it to the top and we able to catch the train down and miss the worst of it. So, anyway....have a happy weekend all you happy hikers!!!!


Helen said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. I am envious. I have also seen rolling stones in concert too.

graze said...

This picture is breathtaking. It reminds me very much of where I live in Montana.
All of the ugliness in the world can disappear when looking at this photo.