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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That good feeling

Today I felt REALLY good, got in an awesome workout this morning, did all that I wanted to without rushing or watching the clock which is always annoying when you are at the gym, and afterwards enjoyed a nice sauna. I love it when I have it to myself, I can throw some water on with some aufguss mix, right now I have some orange-honey mix that smells really good and opens up the pores for a nice sweat. Then I got to walk the dog around the track and talked to an old friend, she has lost some weight since the last time I saw her. They all have, really...I have been able to go to the gym mornings now again these past 2 weeks due to my work schedule being changed(I love going in early rather than later, after work) and now I see some of the same people I used to see, but in the past 4 months most of them look so buff! You can really see the difference in some of them, its like WOW!!! But next week we go back to our normal hours, so that sucks. One thing I am so proud of my friend, she lost weight by sticking with it and not with b.s. drugs that are unhealthy and dont last. The reason I call her my friend and she is because I DONT EVEN KNOW HER NAME!!! Like so many other people in this community, I see them all the time, and when I worked at the p.x. (store) saw them daily, but many of them I never got to know their names. Funny how this place is so different from Garmisch, which was such a small community, you knew people a little too well sometimes, I think. I hope I feel as good as this tomorrow, but I dont think so, I probably should let my muscles rest a day.....still, I enjoy this day, and think of all the loved ones I knew that has left and cannot enjoy life here on earth any longer, I wonder if they know I am thinking of them? TSCHUSS!!!

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