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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Politics and packaging

Watching the Palin speech today I was almost inspired to believe what she was saying had some truth, some true meaning. She sounded like she was being truthful. Ans she has such a nice smile, she is a mom and a Governor of a state. So smart. So neat. She reminds me of a childhood friends mom whom we like to go over and just talk to because she was so cool and so easy to talk to; just sexy enough to want to be around without showing cleavage or being overtly grown. She even sounded reasonable when she talked about the issues, her views of, I knew were completely opposite of my own. And yet she made them sound so clear and right, like, yeah, thats it. But, the truth is, she is really just window dressing. Like a shiny, new bright paint job on an old beat up car that smokes and has bad brakes. Same old crap, different messenger. A younger version of Bush-Cheney without the sinister looks. No new ideas, nothing needs to be changed. And yet because these words came from an attractive younger woman the words and ideas seem to have almost different meaning, fresh ideas, even. I wonder how long this darling will last, or if she will get a free ride all the way to the white house.

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