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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I hate this time of the year here in Germany. It seems like it starts to turn fall way too fast over here, less and less daylight and sunshine. When I was a kid back in Ohio, I didnt notice it as much, I guess it was because August was the hottest month and I was working some sort of job since I can remember. The best times were at the public pool, even though I did get kicked out for snapping my towel at some kid once or twice. Probably the most trouble I ever got into as a kid...those were the days. Now august is depressing for me, reminding me of sad times, of death, and that winter is on its way...but, since I have my cross-country skis and am pretty good at it, there is a silver lining to this; now if I can just find the time to get out there...and some nice snow. Today may be a good day after all.....

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