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Saturday, August 9, 2008


One of my favorite songs of all time was "Come Saturday Morning" from a movie, I believe the title was The Sterile Cockoo, staring Liza Minnelli, a sad tragic love story about a girl who clearly craves affection but considers normal people as "weirdos", and her boyfriend who is destined to leave her...they go to separate schools and meet every Saturday, making it her day to live for...I dont know why I thought of it, I havent thought about it for years.....just one of my favorite movies. I gotta work today, not much going on, though, just have to be herein case someone needs something. I am trying to enjoy my new job, its getting better...this weekend might be nice, I am hoping, even though it started off a bit rough, I am in the dog house again, trying to do something nice for someone, getting in trouble for it. I wish I could just go into the mountains and be alone sometimes....away from my problems, judgmental people, jealously, hate, drunkenness, unhappines, depression, and all of the other woes of the world. Maybe in a couple of weeks from now. Then I can escape!

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