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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Gotta work, if you can call it that, be present just in case is more the story. A day to ask god for forgiveness and thanks for what I have. I wish I could be with friends today, but its not possible, so plan for another time. Can catch some olympic action, though. I have always loved watching some of the events, but today there seems to be some indifference in the participants. I think I would be out of my mind, nuts just being able to participate against all the best from all over the world. I hope that politics doesnt spoil the spirit of the games. Bush is an idiot, by the way. Just have to get that out there in case I need a break, a vacation, a weekend for myself, by myself. Problem is, I dont particularly enjoying being alone. I guess I have to like myself a bit more, have to work on that. Yes, I think I will work on that for the rest of today.

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