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Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday again

DAMN. Weekend went by fast, too fast, really. And it looks like we might be working this next weekend, holiday or not. Wait, I thought I took this job because I didnt have to work weekends.. there go our Garmisch plans. I guess I should be happy, its more money. Just never seems to be enough. Money is one thing, life is another. We shall see. Well, I went and did it again, I volunteered for something, this time something called AWANA, which is some sort of bible-study group that meets every sunday afternoon for kids 3-12 to learn about the bible and God in a fun, child friendly type of atmosphere. Which means I will come face to face and have to deal with LITTLE KIDS!!! Other peoples kids, too. Havent had to do that in quite some time, but I signed up, so I will do my best. I am sure it wont be that bad, just have to try and be a good guy and a good example to the kids, I can do that I recon. Not much else going on at work or home, got in some good gym time this weekend, enough to keep those pounds off. My new job doesnt involve as much walking, which is what helped at keeping myself fit. Plus there was the social aspect of the job, meeting people, and so on which was satisfying. Not here. I gotta look for the good folks here, too many nuts to deal with right now. Dinner will be good tonight, I am making something delisch.

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