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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good day

Today started out a little sour, someone (I wont mention WHO) is not a morning person! Good coffee normally helps, but not today. Things got better, though, dexter, my faithful dog is always happy in the morning, and by the time I left for work things were good. And, I volunteered for something at work that I didnt have to do, but it always makes me feel better when I can do different stuff to help other people out. I have been volunteering a lot lately, which makes me feel GOOD!! I highly recommend it. Cooked hamburgers and helped clean up after the fest, church stuff, and sunday with some kids! I am a little nervous about the kids thing, sometimes they different. Plus, this weekend is looking like it might be a good one. I like socializing with people, usually we keep to ourselves, which is alright, but I think we need to get out more and we will. Least thats the plan. One thing about writing this blog, it will get me writing, which may mean that my creative writing skills will improve, hopefully. Plus, I do believe I will be taking a class, something I have not done in quite a long time. Nothing beats feeling young by doing something you did when you were younger, I just hope I can do it well. Time is on my side. The only concern I have today is that I have not heard from my sisters in Florida about how they survived the recent storms that went through there. Power could be a problem. I pray everyday now, so it helps. I hope I can make people smile today! Spread the good feelings I have, know what I mean??? :)

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