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Monday, August 18, 2008


I have a toothache. Great. Didnt get much done this weekend, which is good, because it means I didnt do anything except relax, which is what the weekend is supposed to be about anyway,but still, doing nothing feels bad. I did make lasagna, came out pretty good, though its a mess to clean up, but the pain from the tooth made it hard to enjoy it. Then today I went to my German dentist...they dont believe in giving out painkillers unless you are like crying or rolling around on the ground, writhing in agony. Sucks to be me today. I did make an appointment for getting a wisdom tooth pulled and another filling done. I am pretty much a happy guy, but pain makes me impatient and unable to think normally, which is to say I dont suppress my thoughts, which are not always nice. Some people dont do this at all, I wonder are they in constant pain? Oh well, just one of those thoughts. I often wonder why people do the things they do, perhaps toothaches are part of the problem. Painkillers are the answer to the worlds problems. Tommorrow will be better.

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