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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Its a beautiful day today. I love the sunshine (who doesnt) as long as its not too doggone hot, which it never is around here. I always imagine this is the kind of summers they get in Minnesota, or perhaps Canada. All was well, I rode my bike in and then home, until some official guy yells out the window to me that I need a "reflective belt". Please, give me a break. A while ago they made it mandatory we wear helmets (as if we were prone to falling down), now we have to wear reflective gear, like we are invisible or something. These army people are just plain stupid. I cant wait to see what comes next. A cushy vest? Knee pads? I guess if I were a typical american over here who rarely rode a bike to work, for fun, or since I was a teenager, then I suppose these silly rules would make perfect sense. But I am not a typical american, and they dont make any sense. Its just like the fences, ponds guards and barricades, they dont make us safer, just late for work.....MORONS!!! I think I will write an ice complaint. At least I can vent a little. I was going to go to the swimmbad, I wonder if I must wear a lifejacket?

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